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From Manuscript to Bookshelf in 10 Days

So you’ve finished that novel or non-fiction book during lockdown? Now you’re wondering how to publish once you have finished?

Maybe you’ve been turned down by endless agents and publishers? But you know there are readers out there that will love your book or series. 

It’s time to take control of your writing and publishing destiny.

 It’s time for you to be a published author!

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Get ready to learn:

  • How to format your Digital eBook and Paperback
  • Avoid common pitfuls and mistakes
  • Discover whether you should go wide or exclusive to Kindle?
  • How to get your paperback book into the bookstores
  • Kindle Promotion Tips 101 including:
  • The secrets to getting more sales to your Kindle books
  • Find out the best FREE methods for getting a ton of sales to your book!
  • Discover the secrets to getting more reviews, more ad approvals, and better results!
  • Learn how to get the best results from all your book promotion efforts!