Welcome to the Author Help Hub

Helping Writers Publish

Welcome to the Author Help Hub.

Author Help Hub has been formed to produce easy to digest courses delivered by email to help writers create their books and get them in front of readers.

Right now we have one eCourse called Indie Publishing Roadmap that is focused on getting your finished book (ebook, paperback and audio) to market as a publisher.

If you don’t want the course but are looking for help and resources straight into your inbox you can also sign up to our newsletter here.

Even if you’re looking to take the traditional publishing route you can still find value with our developing ecourses and resources on crafting fiction and non-fiction.

Author Help
Author Help Hub

Indie Publishing Roadmap eCourse

Step by step eCourse straight to your inbox.

Get ready to learn how to:

  • Format your Digital eBook and Paperback
  • Avoid common pitfuls and mistakes
  • Find the best editing and publishing tools
  • Build your author platform
  • Build an evergreen sales engine
  • Produce an audiobook
  • Launch your book

and much more

Plottr for Authors Review

Plottr for Authors Review

Plottr is downloadable software for book outlining and it is mainly targeted towards fiction authors but it can also be a great tool for non-fiction writers too. It allows you to create a comprehensive view of your story (plots, subplots, characters, and...

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Selling books wide with Draft2Digital

Selling books wide with Draft2Digital

Today we're focusing on the ebook platform Draft2Digital who offer a selection of services to help with your book publishing. If you're considering having your books wide instead of just exclusive with Amazon Kindle through KDP select, then D2D is a...

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Creating Box Set Collections for additional revenue

Creating Box Set Collections for additional revenue

To be able to offer a box set hinges on you having an existing series of books, of course. Or you might want to do an anthology of short stories or a multi-author box set. If you’ve got as far as also putting out Audiobooks then collecting those together can...

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