Welcome to the Author Help Hub

Helping Writers Publish

Welcome to the Author Help Hub.

Author Help Hub is here to assist authors who are looking to get their fiction or non-fiction out into the world.

We have a range of author services to help with getting your book published as an ebook or paperback, get your author platform up and running as well as the all important book marketing. 

If you want to do it yourself we offer a FREE 10 day eCourse called Indie Publishing Roadmap that is focused on getting your finished book (ebook, paperback and audio) to market as a publisher.

Even if you’re looking to take the traditional publishing route you can still find value with our developing ecourses and resources on crafting fiction and non-fiction.

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Author Help Hub

Indie Publishing Roadmap eCourse

Step by step eCourse straight to your inbox.

Get ready to learn how to:

  • Format your Digital eBook and Paperback
  • Avoid common pitfuls and mistakes
  • Find the best editing and publishing tools
  • Build your author platform
  • Build an evergreen sales engine
  • Produce an audiobook
  • Launch your book

and much more

Social Media for Authors: Choosing “The Right” Platforms

Social Media for Authors: Choosing “The Right” Platforms

Stepping into the world of social media can be daunting for an author, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have a smartphone or access to the internet, there’s a good chance you’re active on at least one platform – and it’s likely the same goes for your reader base. A...

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Why participate in NaNoWriMo?

Why participate in NaNoWriMo?

Every year, thousands of authors across the world are getting ready to write a novel in just one month during November. National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo as it is known, is a collective marathon in self-discipline where people around the world aim to write a...

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Indie or Traditional Publishing: Which is the right route?

Indie or Traditional Publishing: Which is the right route?

For anyone intent on getting published, the sheer number of solutions available to you today can be highly surprising. However, for the most part, two solutions are commonly looked at. We shall them the ‘Indie’ route and the ‘Traditional’ route. Indie publishing is...

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