Today we’re focusing on the ebook platform Draft2Digital who offer a selection of services to help with your book publishing. If you’re considering having your books wide instead of just exclusive with Amazon Kindle through KDP select, then D2D is a highly recommended option.

We’ve used D2D for our ebook publishing since their launch in 2015 and are very happy with the service. 

Services D2D offer:

Ebook formatting

You can upload a copy of word and D2D will generate the ebook files for you or you can upload your own ePub file. 

Ebook Distribution

You have the option to get your ebook available on the following stores: Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo (including Kobo Plus), Barnes & Noble, Tolino, OverDrive, Bibliotheca, Scribd, Baker & Taylor, Hoopla and Vivlio. We recommend you opt-out of Amazon and Kobo and set up direct accounts with them (on KDP and Kobo Writing Life) as you’ll get more control over setting deals, pricing and uploads. 

Print books

This option has been in beta stage for a while. You can now opt in to get on a list and read more about print here. This is not a service we’ve tried ourselves, so cannot comment. We use Amazon KDP print for print books on Amazon only and IngramSpark for book stores. 

Landing Pages

Reader focused landing pages for your books (Books2Read) When you publish an ebook on D2D, a landing page is produced that gives readers an option on which store to buy. You can even add your Amazon Associate affiliate link. You can post this link far and wide. Here’s an example. There are no upfront fees for using the D2D ebook service apart from 10% of the retail price. So you only pay when you sell books. 

Split Royalties

It is also worth noting that you can split royalties with a collaborator on D2D. Click here to see a video walkthrough.


D2D also partner with Findaway Voices to produce audiobooks. Another service we haven’t used yet, but we’ve heard great things about Findaway Voices. Findaway Voices gives authors and publishers everything they need to create professionally-narrated audiobooks and reach listeners in more than 170 countries through the world’s leading audiobook distribution network. As a bonus for Draft2Digital authors, Findaway Voices will waive its standard $49.00 services fee on all audiobooks created!